Artwork File Guidelines

We accept artwork created on Mac or PC platforms in the following formats:

Press-ready PDF
Adobe InDesign up to Creative Cloud
Adobe Illustrator up to Creative Cloud
Other Formats –Please Inquire

PLEASE DO NOT SET TYPE OR LAYOUT YOUR ARTWORK IN PHOTOSHOP or other Pixel/Raster/Bitmap based programs rather set type and compose file in Illustrator or InDesign. Use PSD for the background images. File should be in CMYK format and at least 300dpi at the label size plus .125” past the dieline/ cut edge. If you must use an alternative vector based software application you will need to export a .pdf file. The file must include the .125 (1/8) artwork bleed past the dieline. PDF file settings: Embed thumbnail, retain file colors & editability, no compression, downsample to 300 dpi, no color conversion, and no passwords.

We recommend sending Adobe Print-Ready PDF files, (compatibility v1.4-v1.6).
Note: if you are creating multiple designs, please send each design (or version) individually in its own file to optimize the prepress process and avoid manipulation errors.

Please check your designs, spelling, and punctuation carefully before submitting files. Corrections or modifications made after the proofing stage will incur additional charges.

Fonts and links should be included with your file. Fonts may be converted to paths/outlines, but please keep in mind that we will not be able to make text edits to your file.

Printed color past the edge of the trim margins is known as bleed. Printed image past the edge of the trim margins is known as bleed.

If your design or background color is intended to cover the entire surface of the page we require a 0.125" (1/8") bleed around each edge of the artwork for Litho/Sheetfed work and .0625” (1/16”) for Label/Web work.

Image mode and resolution are extremely important in ensuring correct color and clarity.

All raster/bitmap files (such as photographs) should be submitted in CMYK mode and should have a resolution of at least 300-400dpi at printed dimensions (100%).

RGB images will be automatically converted to CMYK. This can cause unexpected shifts in color. For optimal results please make your own separations, particularly when color is critical.

4.0 pt. minimum for readable type. Avoid fine reverse type. Avoid process builds on type less than 12 pt. Please embed/include your font into the document. If the font is outlined/converted, include the entire font so that it can be edited if necessary. Your font is secure with us and will not be used outside of your project.

Maintain .0625" (1/16") margin in from dieline on labels, unless it is an intentional bleed, extend art to outside bleed edge.

Specify required PANTONE COATED/UNCOATED SWATCH numbers on spot color artwork.

Minimum setting .35 pt. When printing negative (reverse) lines/rules.
.5 pt is the minimum recommended.

Please apply 100% black/grayscale to your barcodes to assure readability. (RGB and CMYK builds are not accepted)

Process color matches cannot be made to your laser or inkjet print outs. You must provide a sample to match prior to proofing if you are requiring us to match a previously printed label.

If you are unsure whether you have a press-ready file or finished design, we are happy to help.

Our in-house design staff specializes in artwork compositing and knows what works best on our equipment.

Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

We will work with you every step of the way to meet or exceed your vision.

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