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    What file types can I upload?

    We recommend sending Adobe PDF files. However, we accept artwork created on Mac or PC platforms in the following formats: Adobe InDesign up to CS5, Adobe Illustrator up to CS5, and Adobe Freehand up to MX. Please contact us if you have another file format you would like to upload.

    Do you have list of all upload requirements?

    Yes. You can find a detailed page outlining our preferred artwork requirements here. Additionally, avoid the most common mistakes with your artwork by checking our handy Top 10 Artwork Mistakes section.

    How long will I wait for a response?

    You can expect a response in less than an hour and always within one business day.

    Do you have staff designers?

    Yes! If you are unsure whether you have a press-ready file or finished design, we are happy to help. Our in-house design staff specializes in artwork compositing and knows what works best on our equipment.

    How many files can I upload at once?

    If you are creating multiple designs, please send each design (or version) individually in its own file to optimize the prepress process and avoid manipulation errors.

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