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Flexography and Digital Printing

  • Three-side Sealed Pouches

    The three-side seal pouch has become the best way to pack almost anything from powders, gels and creams to pills and capsules. Variable in size and color, with many tailored material options available, this simple option is easy to customize with all the information you may wish to present. 

  • Stick Packs

    A stick pack is a skinny package perfectly designed for a single serving of a condiment or dry powders. The two sides come together on the ends and have a seal on the back. Stick packs can have information printed on both the front and the back to maximize space.

  • Sample Packs

    If you are promoting a product or have a limited release, we can provide a high quality, food grade sample pack to both inform and brand your product.

  • Three-side Sealed Pouches
  • Stick Packs
  • Sample Packs

Printed Examples

Food Grade Packaging
Product Package
Small Packets
Product Packages
Sample Package
Shrink Film

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